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Automatic Dispensers, Liquid Dispensing Machines


SMD, Rework, Flux, Tacky




Solder Paste, No Clean, No Refrigeration

Hot Air Soldering, SMD, Air Pencil



PCB Prototyping & Rework Bench & Hand Tools, Accessories & Supplies
Micro Shears, Flush Cutters, Pliers, Solder Tips, Soldering Sponges, I.C. Extractors, Flux Dispensers
   Wrist Strap Monitor With Go / No Go    Wrist Strap, ESD Safe
Tester, Wrist Strap Tester, ESD Tester, With Battery • Easy Verification for Wrist Straps
• Durable Polymer Construction
• Easy Connect  to Wrist  Straps at Rear
• 3 Readings: 'Low', 'High' and 'Good'
• 6 Feet Coiled Cord
• Large Pad for Pressing at Test
• ESD Safe Construction.
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• Static Control Wrist Strap, Light Blue
• Soft Comfortable, Elastic Band
• Fits All Wrist Sizes
• 6 Feet Coiled Cord
• Swivel Banana Plug on Wrist Strap
• Locking Nylon Clasp
• Adjustment for Different Wrist Sizes
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ESD Wrist Strap, ESD-Safe, Wrist Straps, Comfortable, Banana Plug, Static, Control
   Tweezers & Probes, Stainless Steel      Shear, Pliers, Flush Cutters, Needle Nose
Flush CutterSnub Nose, Needle Nose Plier • Wide Variety & Selection
• Soft-Cushion, Slip-Free Grips
• Most
Popular In Electronics Work
• Heat Treated Carbon Steel
• Industry Grade Return Spring
• Needle Nose Pliers
Snub Nose™ Pliers
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SMD & SMT Alignment Probes, Dental Probes, Stainless Steel, SMT Tweezers • Probes & Tweezers, Big Variety
• Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel
• Acid Proof, Non-Corrosive
• Ideal for Handling Micro Chips
• ESD Safe (Non Plastic)
• Highest Quality Tools
• Great for SMD's, BGA's, Caps

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   Adjustable PC Board Holding Fixture    Combination Wire Stripper & Wire Cutter
PC Board Fixture, Adjustable, PCB, Rack, Holder, Cradle • Adjustable PC Board Holder
• Adjustable Dove-Tailed Tracks
• 4 Posts: Horizontal or Inclined
• Ideal for Preheating PCB's
• Best for SMT & ThruHole Work
• Works With AirBath™ Preheat
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Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Spring Loaded • Cuts & Strips Wire Insulation
• Return Spring Reduces Fatigue
• Cuts & Strips Stranded & Solid Wire
• Adjustable for Different Wire Gages
• Cuts & Strips Up to 10 Gage (AWG)
• Cushion Grip, Compact, Lightweight
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   Helping Hands With Magnifier      Screw Driver Set, 13-Piece With Bits
Helping Hands With 2 X Magnifier • Heavy Cast Iron Base for Stability
• 4X Magnification Glass
6 Ball Joints For All Work Angles
• Alligator Clips for Fastening Work
Locks at Any Angle
All Metal, No Plastic Construction
Nickel Plating Fittings and Finish
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Screw Driver, Set, Magnetic, Bits, Comfortable, Grip, Phillips, Slotted, Tri-Wing, Torx, Square • Strong, Durable Vanadium Shaft
• TPR Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip
• Magnetized Shaft for Drive Bits
• 12 Bits Ship With Screwdriver &
  Phillips Bits, Non-Tamper Torx Bits
   Slotted Bits, Tri-Wing & Square Bit
• Thumb Booster for Z Axis Power
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 Solder Sucker / DeSoldering Hand Pump
 De-Soldering Braid, De-Solder Wick Directory
Solder Sucker, Desoldering Hand Pump, Desolder Sucker • High DeSoldering Capacity!
• High Power Piston Cylinder!
• Big Solder Collector Chamber
• Slim-Line & Less Bulky to Hold
• ESD-Safe Construction

• Lightweight Design
• High-Temp Teflon Durable Tip
• Rugged, Long Life Teflon Tip

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• Wide Selection of Wick & Braid
• Premium Brands & Budget Wick
• Many Types & Choices of Wick
Rosin Fluxed Wicks
    • No Clean Fluxed Wicks
    • Lead
-Free Hi-Temp Flux Wicks
    • Un-Fluxed Wicks
 • De-Solder Thru-Hole & SMD
 • Remove
Excess Solder & Bridges

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Desoldering Wick, Desolder Braid

Solder Wick, Desolder, BraidSolder Wick, Desolder, BraidSolder Wick, Desolder, Braid

 Soldering Tips, Most Brands. Low Prices!      Sponges, Soldering Station & Soldering Iron
• Most All Brands!
• Most Styles!  Right Here.
• Highest Quality Material
• Natural Cellulose
• Exceeds MIL-STD 2000
• Factory Direct
• Fits Weller
®, Hakko®, OKI®
• Fits
Pace®, Metcal®, Plato®
 •Fits Edsyn
® & Ungar®
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Sponges, Natural Cellulose Sponges

Soldering, Tips, Replacement, Solder, Cartridges

• Fits Metcal® MX, Weller®, Hakko®
• Fits Edsyn®, OKi®, Plato®, Vanier®
• Extra Long Life! Premium Plating!
• Super Thermal Transfer Properties
• Direct Pricing: No Middle Men.
 - SMD, Chisel, Screwdriver, Conical
 - Drag Tips, Precision Pointed
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   Solder Wire Dispenser: The Solder Mill™     Solder Wire, Lead-Free & Classic Tin / Lead
Solder Wire Dispenser • Holds 1-Lb. Wire Spool
• Features
Unique SolderGlide™
• Easy, Quick Dispensing.
• No Drag. No Hard Tugging.
• Industrial
Quality Steel Casing
• Premium Baked Enamel Paint
• Rubber Skid-Resistant Feet
• Click for Details & Pricing
• Wide Variety of Solder Wire
• Premium Solder On 1-Lb Spools
• Classic Tin/Lead & RoHS Lead-Free
• 2 Diameter Choices! .032" & .020"
• No Clean Core Cleaner Than RMA
• Fits SolderMill™ Solder Wire Holder
• Top Quality at Special Low Price!
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Solder Wire, 1lb. Spool, No-Clean
Classic Tin/Lead &
RoHS Lead-Free

 Pump Bottles & Dispensing Bottles
  Dispensing Needles & Tips. Low, Low Prices.

Tapered Dispensing Tips
Tapered Dispensing Needles, Stainless Steel Blunt Needles
Blunt Dispensing Needles

• Wide Variety & Selection
• Dispensing Needles & Tips
• Blunt End Stainless Needles
• Many Gages & Sizes
• Also Tapered Applicator Tips
• Popular Luer Locking Hubs
• From 1/4" to 2" in Length
• Color-Coded by Gauges
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          Flux Dispenser Bottles, Squeeze Bottles    
Single Touch Pump Bottle
  ESD Alchohol Pump Bottles        

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 I.C. Extraction Tools
   QFP Lead Straightener
• Spring Loaded Extraction Tools
• Remove
I.C.'s After DeSoldering
• Remove PLCC's & Sockets
• Insulated Grips
• Low Prices

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QFP, SMT Lead Straightener • Industry Standard Lead Straightener
Re-Shapes & Re-Aligns Chip Leads
Accurate. Repeatable Alignment.
46 Distinct Patterns On One Template
Rugged Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel
Not Plastic. Non-Magnetic
• Pitch Range From 0.4mm to 1.0mm !
• Patented Design from TopLine®
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I.C. Extraction Tool, Spring Loaded Extraction Tool

 Power Palm Plunger & Econo Plungers
 Solder Paste, No Clean Classic Tin Lead Alloy
Dispensing Hand Powered Plungers • Reduces Hand Fatigue
• Improves Accuracy
• Increases Power
• O-Ring Seal!
• Fit 10cc Syringes & Barrels
• Ideal for Solder Paste
• Also Econo Budget Plungers

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• Superb at Prototyping & Rework!
• 6-Month Shelf Life
• No Refrigeration Required!
• No-Clean Flux Formula
• Eutectic 63Sn / 37Pb Alloy
• Yields Quality Satin Solder Joints!
• Packed In Handy 10cc Syringes
• Works With AirBath Preheaters

• Watch "How To Use Paste Video"
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Solder Paste, Rework Paste, SMD Solder Paste, 60Sn 40Pb, 63Sn 37Pb, No Clean Paste
   The PasteRack™ for Refrigerating Paste        Solder Paste, Lead-Free No Clean Formula

Paste Refrigeration Rack, Solder Paste Holder
The PasteRack™
10cc Syringe Holder

• Holds 6 or 12 Syringes / Barrels
• Stores Solder Paste Vertically!
• Stops Paste Seeping Backward
• Handsome, Rugged Enamel Paint
• Static Free, ESD Design
• Innovative Design Saves Space
• Rubber Skid-Resistant Feet
• Easy Access Syringe Slots!

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  Lead-Free Solder Paste, RoHS Compliant Solder Paste • RoHS Compliant Lead-Free Solder
• 6-Month Shelf Life
• No Refrigeration Required!
• No-Clean Flux Formula
• Yields Beautiful Satin Solder Joints!
• Yields Quality Satin Solder Joints!
• Packed In Handy 10cc Syringes
See the "How To Use Paste Video"
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   Rework Flux, Classic No Clean      LowMelt® De-Solder Wire

No Clean Rework Flux

• No Clean Formulation
• Extra Low Residue
• Developed for Bench Prototyping & Rework
• Ideal With LowMelt
® for SMT Removal
• Handy WideMouth™ Jar Allows for Swabs
• Dispense With Syringes & Barrels, Too!
• Compliments Popular AirBath Systems

• Click for Details Info, Specs & Pricing
DeSoldering Wire, Removes Chip Quick, SMD Removal, Bismuth Solder, Low Melt Alloy, RoHS • Removes Chip Quick & Easy!
• Removes Chips Under 150°C (300°F)
• Classic Tin/Lead & RoHS Lead-Free
• DeSolders SMD's & Thru-Hole
• Prevents Lifting Pads
• Prevents Burning  & Measling PCB's
• Works With All AirBath Preheaters
• See the "LowMelt® How To Video"

• Click for Details & Pricing
    BGA Flux. PCB Flux. SMD Flux.    Flux Remover, Non-Flammable!
• Prevents BGA Hydroplaning
• Microscopic Bubbling At Activation
• Uniform Head at Flux Activation
• Virtually Inert
• Non-Conductive When Dry
• Non-Corrosive
• Ideal for Re-Balling BGA's
• Great With LowMelt
• Click for Details & Pricing

Non-Flammable Flux Remover

• Non-Flammable Solvent for PCB Flux
• Gentle, Effective PCB Cleansing Agent
• Rapid Evaporation at Room Temperature
• Cleans R, RMA, Synthetic and RA Fluxes
• No Residue. Non-Corrosive
• Cleans Silicones, Grease and Oils
• Cleans Surface Films, Oxides and Ionic Soils
• Available in 2 Oz., 8 Oz& 1 Gallon Containers
• Click for Detailed Info, Specs & Pricing

BGA Flux, RMA Flux

   Acid Brushes For Thru-Hole Cleaning      Foam Swabs, Anti-Static & Econo Styles

Acid Brushes, Thru-Hole Cleaning Brushes

• Industrial Grade
• Premium Acid Brushes
• Durable Tin Plated Handles
• Ideal With PCB Solvents
• Perfect Flux Applicators
• Cleans Thru-Hole Solder Joints
Essential for PCB Rework
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Anti-Static Foam Swabs

• High Solvent Retention
• Synthetic Supe Cotton
• Anti-Static Options (ESD Safe)
• Ideal for Clean Rooms
• Selection of Styles and Sizes

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   Digital Multi-Meter      Comprehensive Bench Top Kits

Digital Multimeter

• Digital, Portable Multi-Meter
• DC Voltage: 200mv to 2 Volts
• AC Voltage: 200/600 Volts
• Resistance:
• Transistor Check:
• Diode Check: Yes
• Data Hold: Yes
• Power Source:
9V Battery, 6F22 x 1

• Click for Details & Pricing

SMD Kits, BGA Kits, Rework Kits, Soldering Kits, PCB Kits, Lead-Free Kits

• Comprehensive PCB Rework Kits
• Kits Include:
 - Famous LowMelt
® DeSolder
 - Flux, Flux Remover, Wick, Swabs
 - SMT Probes & Tweezers, Brushes
 - Inspection Loupes, Solder Suckers
 -  Dispensing Needles & More
• You Choose: Tin/Lead or ZeroLead®
• Works With All AirBath Preheaters
• Click for Details, Specs & Pricing

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