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Hot Air Soldering & Rework Equipment
 BGA, SMD, QFN Comprehensive Bench System

BGA Rework, SMT Hot Air Station, SMD Rework, QFN Rework System
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  ZT-7000: BGA, CSP, QFN & SMT Hot Air Benchtop Reflow Center
• Single  Axis Aligning, Placing & Soldering BGA, SMD, QFN, QFP, PLCC & Thru-Hole
• Production Quality, Low Temperature Profiling. Comparable to $20K+ "Systems"
• Unique, Patent-Protected BGA Alignment System
• Rapid BGA and CSP Placement & Removal (One System Does It All!)
• Digital Control, Digital Set and Read Functions, Digital Timer Countdown!
• RoHS Compliant. Ideal for Your Lead-Free Applications
• Semi-Automatic Component Lift-Off During De-Soldering Operation
• Unique, Precision Retractable Heat Zone - Up & Down Z-Axis and Back & Forth Y-Axis

The Zephyrtronics ZT-7 System "makes mounting / removal of through-hole and SMD's
easier than routine benchtop methods" -- NASA Report, January 9, 2004
 PCB Independent Preheating Systems
Now! Eight AirBath Pre-Heaters to Choose From! 
  ZT-1000 AirBath PreHeating Systems
• This is Your Best Lead-Free Solution!
• Featuring Zephyrtronics® Patented Preheating Technology
• Convective Bottom Side Pre-Heating in Every Price Range
• We Have an AirBath for Your Needs.
• For All PCB's, Small & Large w/Ground Planes. Ideal for Thru-Hole, SMD, QFN & BGA
• Digital & Analog Models Available!
• RoHS Compliant. Ideal for Your Lead-Free Applications
• Expanded Line from the People Who Invented the AirBath™ Bottom-Side Preheaters

The Zephyrtronics’ AirBath “bathes the circuit board in warm air to reduce thermal
stresses to the board and its components.”-- NASA Report, Jan. 9, 2004

PCB Preheaters, Bottom-Side Pre-heat
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 Entire Preheating Catalog!

 Hot Air Pencil SMD Precision Soldering

Hot Air Pencil, Precision, SMD, Soldering
More Details Here.

   AirPencil ZT-2-MIL
• Micro-Pencil Hand-Piece Permits Visibility to Tiny Chips and Easy to Work With!
• SMT Precision Pin Point Soldering, Safe 24 Volt Hand piece 
• Non-Contact & Non-Contaminating Reflow
• Temperature Regulated Range: 53°C to 500°C  (65°F to 932°F)
• Great For Fine Pitch Gull Wing SMD's
• The Essential Soldering Tool for Ceramic Chip Capacitors & Glass Diodes
• Variable Temperature & Air Velocity
• Unique Low Setting Prevents Scattering Solder Balls & Hydroplaning Chips.
• RoHS Compliant & Ideal for Your Lead-Free Applications
• Wide Selection of AirTips Available

The Zephyrtronics ZT-2 AirPencil "is a touch-free precision soldering method." 
-- NASA Report, January 9, 2004
 Adjustable PC Board Cradles

PCB, Holder

The World Famous ABC Holders
See Video. Click Here.

  Adjustable Board CradlesHolds Up to 8 Posts (Each Cradle Ships With Four Posts):
    - 2 Post Inclined for PCB Slide Along Tasks
    - 4 Post Table Top for Preheating, SMD Soldering & DeSoldering
    - 8 Post Option for Flipping During DeSoldering or InspectionDurable All-Metal ConstructionNon-Skid FeetOpen Frame / Flat Table Top (PCB's Can Rest Right on the Top)Dovetailed, Adjustable Tracks for PCB AssemblingKnobs Secure the Tracks & PCB in PositionIdeal for Preheating PCB’sESD SafeQuickly Breaks Down for Storage or Travel. Fits In a Briefcase
 Chip Handling:  SMD Premium Vacuum Handling Systems

Vacuum Pick-Up & Lifting
Vacuum Pick-Up Station
SMD & Small Part Handling
Ideal When Working With Microscopes!

"Never Lift A Pad!" 
Air Pick ZT-3-MIL
• Self Contained Long Life Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
• Completely ESD Safe Construction
• No Bulbs to Squeeze or Buttons To Mash!
• Integrated Design With Unique Protective Hand piece Holder
• Continuous Vacuum Supply
• Suction Cups & Small Component Lifting Tips

The ZT-3 AirPick is "used to lift the surface mounted devices evenly during rework,
minimizing chances of a lifted trace or pad."  -- NASA Report Jan 9, 2004
 Fume Extraction Catalog: Premium "Whisper Quiet" Smoke & Fume Extraction

Bench Top Fume Extractors
Fume Extractor

Carbon Filter Activation

AirPlus ZT- 4-MIL
• Powerful Carbon Activated Filtration System
• Super Tight Weave™ Traps More Fume Pollutants
• Easy to Replace Filters (No Tools Required!)
• Completely All-Metal (Not Plastic) ESD Safe Construction
• Designed for the Benchtop or Desktop

The ZT-4 MIL AirPlus™ has been selected by Raytheon® and the Canadian Armed 
Forces for fume extraction and filtration at the soldering workbench. It "extracts 
fumes from flux and solder away from the operator." -- NASA Report, Jan 9, 2004
  Automatic, Precision Dispensing Equipment

Automatic Dispenser for Dispensing Liquids, Pastes, Fluids, Epoxies and More
Click Photo for More Details

• Premium, Precision Fluid Dispensing With Air Power!
• Automatic Digital Pulse & Linear Timing With Manual Option
• Adjustable Air Pressure and Vacuum "Suck-Back" Control
• No More Manipulating and Squeezing Tubes!
• Micro Dotting Capacity.
• Dispenses Adhesives, Solder Pastes, Flux, Cyanoacrylates, UV Resins, Silicones & More
• All Metal, ESD-Safe Construction (Not Thin-Wall Plastic). Sturdy, Industrial Construction!
• Click Photo for Detailed info Including Specs & Pricing

The ZT-5100 System "controls the duration of the air to the solder paste syringe. The 
amount of solder applied can be controlled using pressure and time controls." 
-- NASA Report, Jan. 9, 2004


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