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Fits Hakko® Soldering Tips
Ameritronics® Tips to fit Hakko® 702, 703, 703B, 926, 927, 928, 933, 936, 937 Soldering Stations
with Hand-Piece M926, 900M or 907 ESD, and OK Industries SA1000 Station with SAI-640 Hand-Piece



AMERITRONICS® Quantity Price Order


SMD Tip - 3/16" at End
 Tip Length:  15mm or .591"

ATT-M-K-S Single Item $9.49

ATT-M-K-2 Two Pack $18.60

ATT-M-K-V Five Pack $45.55

ATT-M-K-X Ten Pack $89.21



Conical Tip - 1/64" at End
 Tip Length:  17mm or .670"
ATT-M-I-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-I-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-I-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-I-X Ten Pack $42.96



Conical Tip- .040" at End
Tip Length: 17mm or .670"

ATT-M-B-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-B-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-B-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-B-X Ten Pack $42.96



Conical Tip- 1/64" at End
Tip Length: 25mm or .964"

ATT-M-LB-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-LB-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-LB-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-LB-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-0.8D TIP X1

Chisel Tip - 1/32" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-0.8D-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-0.8D-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-0.8D-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-0.8D-X Ten Pack $42.96

Soldering Supplies for the Electronic Bench

Solder Paste
Rework, Solder, Paste

DeSolder Wire

LowMelt ®, DeSoldering Wire, SMD Removal

Solder Wire
Soldering Wire, Tin, Lead, Lead-Free, 1 Pound Spools

Dispensing Bottles
Squeeze, Pump, Bottles

Soldering Tips
Soldering, Tips, Replacement, Solder, Cartridges

Solder Sponges
Sponges, Natural Cellulose Sponges


DeSolder Wick
Solder Wick, Desoldering, Braid

Dispensing Needles & Tips
Dispensing Needles, Blunt Needles, Plastic Tapered Tips, Industrial Dispensing Needles, Stainless Steel Needles

10cc Plungers

Dispensing Barrels
Rework, Repair,  PCB Soldering
Equipment & Tools

BGA Rework, SMD Rework, Hot Air Station

PCB Preheaters

PCB Preheaters, Bottom-Side Pre-heat

PCB Fixtures
PCB Fixture 3-Track

Fume Extractors

Flush Cutters

Hot Air Pencil
Hot AirPencil, SMD Soldering Station

The PasteRack
Solder, Paste, Storage, Rack

Auto Dispenser
Autotamic Dispenser for Dispensing Liquids, Pastes, Fluids, Epoxies and More

Hot Air Rework
Digital SMD Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

Quality Magnifiers
ESD Safe, Lighted Magnifier, Magnifying Lamp, Diopter, Bench

DeSoldering Station, Digital DeSoldering Stations, Temperature Control DeSoldering, DeSolder, Rework, Thru-Hole, Repair, Through-Hole, Low Price

Vacuum Pick-Up
Vaccum Pick Up Tool, SMD, PCB

QFP Straightener
Topline, QFP Lead Straigtener

Solder Suckers
ESD Solder Sucker, DeSolder Suckers

AMERITRONICS® Quantity Price Order
900M-T-1.2D TIP X2 Chisel Tip - 3/64" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"
ATT-M-1.2D-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-1.2D-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-1.2D-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-1.2D-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-1.6D TIP 1-6D

Chisel Tip - 1/16" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-1.6D-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-1.6D-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-1.6D-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-1.6D-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-2.4D TIP 2-4D

Chisel Tip - 3/32" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-2.4D-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-2.4D-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-2.4D-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-2.4D-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-3.2D TIP 3-2D

Chisel Tip - 1/8" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-3.2D-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-3.2D-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-3.2D-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-3.2D-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-1.2LD TIP 1-2LD

Chisel Tip - 3/64" at End
 Tip Length:25mm or .984" 

ATT-M-1.2LD-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-1.2LD-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-1.2LD-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-1.2LD-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-2LD TIP 2LD

Chisel Tip - 5/64" at End
 Tip Length:25mm or .984"

ATT-M-2LD-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-2LD-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-2LD-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-2LD-X Ten Pack $42.96

AMERITRONICS® Quantity Price Order
900M-T-3.2LD TIP 3-2LD04

Chisel Tip - 1/8" at End
 Tip Length:25mm or .984"

ATT-M-3.2LD-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-3.2LD-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-3.2LD-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-3.2LD-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-2CF TIP X3

Bevel Tip - 5/64" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-2CF-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-2CF-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-2CF-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-2CF-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-3C TIP X4

Bevel Tip - 7/64" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-3C-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-3C-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-3C-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-3C-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-4C TIP X5

Bevel Tip - 5/32" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670" 

ATT-M-4C-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-4C-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-4C-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-4C-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-5C TIP X6

Bevel Tip - 3/16" at End
 Tip Length:17mm or .670"

ATT-M-5C-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-5C-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-5C-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-5C-X Ten Pack $42.96

900M-T-SI TIP X8

I.C. Point Tip - .010" at End
 Tip Length:13mm or .512"

ATT-M-SI-S Single Item $4.57

ATT-M-SI-2 Two Pack $8.96

ATT-M-SI-V Five Pack $21.94

ATT-M-SI-X Ten Pack $42.96

The Science Behind Making a Soldering Iron Tip

How are Soldering Iron Tips Made? Why do some soldering iron tips seem to last forever, while others erode away after little use?

High quality soldering tips are made from oxygen-free copper because of its thermal transfer properties.  The copper is   machined or cold headed to  desired shape.  Next, a critical “iron plating” coats the copper core to protect it from erosion from solder alloys used in the electronic industry.


The “working end” of the soldering tip is then fabricated into distinct styles  like chisels,  screwdrivers, needle points and precision points. Tips are again plated with nickel and chromium to protect the tip from the corrosion or rusting.  Finally, tips are “pre-tinned” to insure good “wetting” while soldering.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Solder Wire Holder
lead-free, solder wire, holder

I.C. Extractors
I.C. Extraction Tool, Spring Loaded Extraction Tool

 Tweezers  Probes
Tweezers, Probes, Stainless, Non-Magnetic, SMD, PCB

 Test Wrist Strap
Tester, Wrist Strap Tester, ESD Tester, With Battery

ESD WristStraps
ESD Wrist Strap, ESD-Safe, Wrist Straps, Comfortable, Banana Plug, Static, Control

Acid Scrub Brush
Acid Brushes, PCB, Flux Remover, Brushes

Foam Swabs
Swabs, Foam, Polyester, Variety

The PenVac®
Vacuum Pen, PenVac®

PCB Bench Kits
Soldering, Rework, PCB, Supply, Kits

Goose Neck, Magnifying Glass, Desktop, Tripod, Magnifier

Head Band Magnifier

Video: How to Thermal Profile
Video, How, Why, PCB Thermal Profiling

Video: How to Rework BGA's
How To Rework, Repair,  BGA, SMD, PCB's

 Video: Using Solder Paste
How To Use Solder Paste

Video: How To Use LowMelt®
Video How To Use LowMelt®, Remove Chip Quickly

Video: The ABC's of PCB Holders
PCB Fixture 4-Track

Video: Comparing PCB Preheaters

Digital MultiMeter
Digital Multimeter

Cutter StripperWire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Spring Loadedj, Adjustable, Up to 10 Gauge

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How To Work With SMD's, CSP's, BGA's & QFN's
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