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 # 1 No Clean Flux  With Tack Attribute "Stays Put"  During  PCB Soldering & DeSoldering

Developed for Prototyping & Rework:  Zephlux™ No-Clean, Rework Flux was developed in working closely with one of the world's leading metallurgical labs. Indeed, our customers rave to us that our No Clean Rework Flux --- available since 1996 --- is the still the best fluxing agent for PCB work at the bench where prototype tasks and PCB rework are performed.  Why? Because it is not a high-production flux, but a bench-top extra-low, residue flux for PCB's where localized rework is performed.


Formulation 'Stays Put' on Pads after you have applied it. It doesn't run all over the PCB. It's tack consistency stays local to the components only where  applied. And the NCF No Clean Flux formulation is available in convenient 14 gram WideMouth™ jars. Ships immediate shipping.

Rework Flux
No Clean Rework Flux
With Tack Formula
'Stays Put' & Won't
Run All Over ther PCB. Ideal for Localized Rework & Prototyping

Rework Flux in Syringe
No Clean Rework Flux
Is Easily Filled Into Syringes As Shown

Manual Dispensing of Rework Flux
Dispense by Syringe As Shown Above or With a Foam Swab Shown Below

A Brief History:  From the beginning, we wanted a no clean tack flux that would stay local to the area being targeted for reflow during either prototyping or rework and still have all of the fluxing properties that we felt were critical for successful board work.

High Volume Fluxing Agents Not Well Suited for the Bench: Most fluxes marketed today are formulated specifically for high-volume machine where the entire PCB is fluxed prior to soldering or reflow. While such liquid fluxes are ideal for high-volume processes, they are problematic for bench-top electronic work where most soldering tasks are localized, that is the technician is targeting only a single component for removal and/or replacement. The liquid nature of most production fluxes makes it difficult for one to control in localized prototyping and rework applications because such fluxes spread and run all over the board making a mess.




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No Clean Rework Flux


14 Gram Bottle.
Ships with MSDS)

 A Six Pack!


Technical Data & Specifications

 Product Name:  Zephlux™ No-Clean Rework Flux (NCF)

 Features: No Clean RMA
           Low Residue
           Thicker, Syrup Like Consistency for Localized PCB Work
            Wide Mouth™ Jar Facilitates Working with Swabs 
            Long Shelf Life

  Benefits:  Low Residue Formulations
             Tack, Honey Consistency Stays Local, Doesn't Run
             Compliments LOWMELT® DeSolder for SMD Removal
             Convenient Wide Mouth™ Jar for Swab Use.
             Enhanced Board Cosmetics
             High Quality Soldering 
             Reduced Defects and High Reliability Assemblies
  Physical Properties:  Appearance: Amber Color, Syrupy
                                     Polymerized Resin/Rosin Base 
                                     Specific Gravity @25° C: 0.98 - 1.02

No Clean FluxGood News! The Rework Flux with its thick honey consistency stays put for localized prototyping and rework, making any PC board extra cosmetic clean-up afterwards easier and more controllable. And  No Clean Rework Flux is recommended for use with the popular LOWMELT® for de-soldering SMD chips and BGA pad re-dressing.


The No-Clean Flux is a low-residue, no-clean, RMA tack flux formulated for either surface mount or thru-hole prototyping and PCB rework.  It is easily applied with a foam swab or with a syringe (barrel) and a tapered dispensing tip (18 t0 22 gage).

  No Minimum Orders:  Ameritronics has no minimum orders.  And we ship out your Rework Flux filled into our convenient 14 gram Wide Mouth™ jars with the MSDS docs in every order. Almost always "in stock" at our factory in Los Angeles.


Item Price Buy Now

For Soldering & Desoldering

14 Gram Bottle.
Ships with MSDS)

 A Six Pack!

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