Conservators' Choice: 100% Non-Contact, Pin-Point Hot Air

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Conservators here's a great tool to assist you with your hard work with critical art and document preservation and restoration. Unlike other bulky, awkward, overly-large, crude heating tools, the ZT-2-ART Hot AirPencil features closed-loop electronic variable temperature control,  a variable air flow control dial with an 'ultra light setting' to prevent your lightweight documents and paper fragments from blowing of your work bench. Twenty years of proven quality history!

Further, the ZT-2-ART Hot AirPencil has a low 24-volt hand-piece; a stylish pyramidal holder for the pencil centered in the design (for right & left handed use); a self-contained air source (no air hook-ups required); and a generous selection of Air Tip styles and sizes for your specific application needs. And what a handsome tool for your workshop/benchtop!

Just Look at Who Is Using the ZT-2-ART!

In a very short time, word of mouth between conservators and art technicians spread and the ZT-2-ART can now be found at some of the most prestigious museums, libraries, universities and historical preservation societies around the globe. Can we drop a few names?

The Getty Museum, Queensland Art Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of American History, The Smithsonian, the British Museum, Princeton University, the National Museum of Mexico, the New York Public Library and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!


And There Are Still More! The ZT-2-ART is also busy at work at Harvard University, the Whitney Museum of Art, NYU, Ohio Historical Society, the Quarto Conservation of Books & Paper, the Secretary of State in Missouri, Stanford University Hoover Institute, the University of Nebraska, Cincinnati Museum Center, Yale University Sterling Library, the University of Texas, the Missouri History Society, the Yale Center for British Art Conservation, the University of Alaska Library, the New York Botanical Garden, the Guggenheim, the Pierpont Morgan Library and many more!


Not Originally a Conservator's Tool, But for Soldering?!  That's actually true. This tool was indeed originally developed for high temperature soldering of the tiniest of semiconductors in the electronics industry. The tool was literally discovered and tested by a leading conservator at Princeton University who working with the engineers at Zephyrtronics determined that with a  tighter and lower temperature calibrated range, the ZT-2-ART AirPencil would be ideal for working with pressure sensitive adhesives and paper documents.

ZT-2-ART, Conservator, Hot Air Pencil, AirPenci, Removes, Adhesives
Just Look at Who Is Using the ZT-2-ART!

Non-Contact Heated Air Supply! The ZT-2-ART AirPencil is your non-contact, less invasive method for removing adhesives, tapes, old glues, varnishes and residues from your sensitive and delicate documents, historical artifacts and artwork. The precision and pin-pointed air stream effectively delivers heat exactly to only where you target it, never touching your delicate work. Used on the successful Mars Rovers programs, NASA  wrote: it's truly "touch-free" precision heating. All within a lightweight pencil hand-piece!

No More Hot Spatulas! Unlike traditional heating "spatulas" and contact tools that scrape, scratch, mash and disfigure your valuable paper fibers, thread-worn canvases, decaying paint and inks, the ZT-2-ART never touches your art or documents!  The precision air stream
provides a highly effective treatment for removal of unwanted adhesives that can be activated and/or softened by heat. Indeed, removal of pressure-sensitive tapes from paper artifacts and painting canvas is also an excellent use of your ZT-2-ART.


airbath_knobs_copyThe system has variously sized AirTips (or nozzles) which direct and control the flow of air to tiny and confined spaces (see below).

Some Critical Technical Information That Merits Attention: 1) The ZT-2-ART can deliver it heated air as low in temperature as only 250°C (125°F) or as high as 260ºC (500°F) at the air tip exit ---  and yet is powered by only an extra low 24 volts (Be sure to investigate the high voltages of other "conservator tools"). 2) Our featherweight and pencil-thin hand piece is the lightest and thinnest AirPencil marketed (a very popular feature with our customers!); and  3.) The system features a precision air velocity valve control with three full rotations of 360º unlike other high-velocity so-called "hot air pencils" which can and do blow your light-weight paper fragments clear off your work bench! With The ZT-2-ART , you are in control during your critical work as a conservator. 


Premium Stainless Steel Air Tips
for the ZT-2 ART Conservator Hot AirPencil











Air Hole
125" x .040"

Air Hole
.300" x .040"

Air Hole

Air Hole

Air Hole






Introducing Air Tips! Unlike heated conservator "spatulas" or wood burning and soldering tips, all of which can oxidize --- and therein transfer rusts and contaminants into your critical canvas, paper documents or the artistic media you are working with or restoring, the ZT-2-ART utilizes rust-free, stainless steel Air Tips which direct only the heated air to your work. 100% non-contact and oxidation-free stainless steel, lifetime quality!

Zephyrtronics offers a selection of 5 helpful styles of affordable AirTips (see chart at the left).. Please note that the popular Oval Air Tip is included with each ZT-2-ART AirPencil System at no extra cost to you.

Tweezer, Stainless Steel, Right Angle


And There's Still More!   Along with your ZT-2-ART AirPencil and the Popular Oval AirTip™, Zephyrtronics also includes a set of two premium, stainless steel tweezers at no extra charge to add to your Conservator tool kit, which are so helpful in handling and manipulating small parts and documents, even under microscopes!


Tweezer, Curved, Assembly


Included With Your ZT-2-ART Are a 90° Tweezer and a Curved Assembly Tweezer


The Zephyrtronics ZT-2-ART AirPencil belongs at every conservator's work bench where critical document and art restoration and preservation are being performed. This is a serious conservation tool, not a toy and one that you will want to have at your fingertips for years to come.

Fabricated out of steel, right here in the U.S.A. with a industrial quality enamel paint finish and a full one-year limited warranty, you'll only wish you could turn back time and could have had it sooner. This is an essential tool for Conservators.







The AirPencil™
(120 Volt for the U.S., Canada & Mexico)


The AirPencil™
(230 Volt For All
Int'l Customers)





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