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Wide Selection of PCB Holders / Utilitarian, Versatile PCB Fixtures
"The ABC Circuit Board Cradle holds the work piece over the AirBath. It is movable to allow for more freedom during any necessary 
alignment processes. Large PCB's can be handled without a problem." - NASA Report, Jan.  9, 2004

PCB Fixtures, PC Board, Holders, Jigs, Racks, SMD


The Original "Transformers" at the Electronic Benchtop
Independent!    Swappable!    Flippable!    Inclinable!
4-Post Open Frame, Table-Top for PCB Preheating or Soldering
8-Post Open Frame for Through-Hole Desoldering & Inspection
2-Post Inclined Position for PCB Stuffing & Assembly "Slide Along" Style

The ABC Series of PCB Holders! Over twenty years now, the ABC Adjustable Board Cradles have been the most popular PCB holders printed circuit board fixtures on earth. And for good reason: They were engineered for multi-purpose circuit board assembly, soldering, desoldering, rework, repair and prototyping.

The ABC Cradle is a multi-tasker at the bench. Its unique design securely holds multiple PCB's within the adjustable tracks. Boards insert and remove from either the top side or by slide entry into dove-tailed tracks from the sides. The ABC Cradles are the original transformers at the bench for PCB work.

Whether prototyping, small production runs, reworking PCB's, or positioning your PCB above your pre-heater, the ABC is your bench helper.

  • Holds Up to 8 Posts (Each Cradle Ships With Four Posts):
    - 2 Post Inclined for PCB Slide Along Tasks
    - 4 Post Table Top for Preheating, SMD Soldering & DeSoldering
    - 8 Post Option for Flipping During DeSoldering or Inspection
  • Durable All-Metal Construction
  • Non-Skid Feet
  • Open Frame / Flat Table Top (PCB's Can Rest Right on the Top)
  • Dovetailed, Adjustable Tracks for PCB Assembling
  • Knobs Secure the Tracks & PCB in Position
  • Ideal for Preheating PCB’s
  • ESD Safe
  • Quickly Breaks Down for Storage or Travel. Fits In a Briefcase
  • Not for Use with Live or Powered Circuits.
    - Additional Tracks (See Our Quatro™ Models Below)
    - Various Sized Tables (Standard, Large and Tiny. See Below)

First, ABC's Are "Independent" from any preheater or any upper solder reflow heater zones. Zephyrtronics pioneered and introduced this independent concept eons ago. Independence means ABC's are swappable and interchangeable to speed up your PCB  work, rework and repair. This is no small attribute as the video above clearly shows.

ABC's Famous Flat-Top Open Frame permits inserting PCB's inside the tracks or resting them flush on top. Even large, heavy military and satellite boards rest right on top of the frame for assembly, preheat, soldering or de-soldering tasks.

Of course, this is far superior to cantilevered-type fixtures that stress substrates, vias, laminations causing fissures and weak solder joints.  ABC's support the whole PCB.

ABC's Are" Flippable" for thru-hole soldering, desoldering and PC board level work and applications. Being flippable makes them ideal for instant inspection purposes after soldering. And anyone who has de-soldered thru-hole components or connectors will immediately appreciate this must-have feature.

ABC's Are" Swappable" To really speed up PCB prototyping or to cut time when one has lot of repetitive PCB rework, one ABC can be preheating and/or soldering while another is simultaneously loaded or unloaded into another ABC!

All ABC Models are inclinable with the 2-Post Position for PCB thru-hole component stuffing, cutting leads, board prep or assembly in traditional "slide along" fashion, shown in the photo at the right.


PCB Fixture and Preheater

The World-First ABC-1 Shown Above
For Small to Very Large PCB's


All ABC Cradles Are Inclinable
Transforming for Thru-Hole PCB Assembly


New! The ABC-XYZ Adjustable Board Cradle (shown left) was developed for high volume PCB rework like repairing video game console PC boards. With some video consoles, the PCB's tend to flex while the consoles are being used causing failure. Because of this flexing, one must fixture the PCB's into non-flexing plates during any rework with any machine.


Our new ABC-XYZ now permits pre-racking multiple PCB's into the  metal, non-flexing plates (or templates) which then can be inserted into the ABC-XYZ's tracks. This really speeds up your repair process saving time and money and increasing your profit for those of you who do video game console repair.  The ABC-XYZ features spring-loaded Z-Axis posts to lower the PCB perfect height over the preheater below. Very nice!

PCB, Holder

ABC-XYZ With Spring Loaded Z Axis
Ideal for Video Game & Repetitive Repair

Here's Clearly Why PC Holders Should Be Independent From Both Any Preheater or Upper Heat Zone.

PCB Holder, Preheater
Preheaters With "Built-In" PCB Holders Limit a Technician's Options at the Bench. They Can Not Be Flipped Over for Inspection or DeSoldering Thru-Hole Components.

Printed Circuit Board, Holding, Fixture
Rework Stations With "Built-In" PCB Holders Punish Technicians, Disallow the Popular Use of Swapping PCB's to Speed Up Rework.  They Slow Down Productivity & Anchor the PCB Fixture to a Single Bench.


Adjustable, PCB, Holder
The ABC's Are Independent from Any Bottom Side Preheating Devices or Upper Heat Zones The #1 PCB Holding Fixtures for  2 Decades. Independent, Swappable, Flippable, Inclinable


How to Choose the Right ABC PCB Holder For You:  First, all ABC's tracks accommodate PCB from 1/32" (2.4mm) to 1/8" (3.2mm) thick.  And our new ABC-XYZ accommodates PCB's clear up to 1/4" (6mm) thick. We have an ABC tailor-made for you company's range of PC boards.

Our Classic ABC's: Ideal for working with all sizes of PCB’s and also any Zephyrtronics AirBath Preheater.

ABC-1: The ABC-1 will hold within its tracks PCB's up to 10" x 20" (26cm x 52cm). Even larger boards rest on top of the open frame; you are not limited to 10" x 20" PCB's. The ABC-1 comes with 3 tracks, with the center track adjustable.

ABC-1Q: The ABC-1-Q will hold within its tracks PCB's up to 10" x 20" (26cm x 52cm). Larger boards rest on top of the open frame, you are not limited to 10" x 18" PCB's. The ABC-1Q has 4 tracks, with 2 adjustable center tracks.


ABC-2: The ABC-2 holds within its tracks PCB's up to 20" x 20" (52cm x 52cm). Keep in mind even larger boards easily sit on open-frame tablle top; you are not limited to  20" x 20" PCB's. The ABC-2 comes with 3 tracks, center track is adjustable.

ABC-2Q: The ABC-2Q holds PCB's in its tracks to 20" x 20" (52cm x 52cm). Larger boards rest atop the open frame: you are not limited to 20" x 20" PCB's. The ABC-2Q has 4 tracks, with 2 adjustable center tracks.

Our "Enfant" or Tiny ABC's:  Ideal for working with smaller PCB’s and where bench space is limited. The ABC-Enfant Series ONLY works with the ZT-1-CLS Preheating AirBaths and smaller industry pre-heaters.

ABC-TT: The ABC-TT holds within its tracks PCB's to 8.7" x 15" (22.5cm x 38cm). Larger boards rest on top of the top frame; you are not limited to 8.7" x 15" PCB. The ABC-TT has 3 tracks, center track adjustable.


ABC-TQ: The ABC-TQ will hold within its tracks PCB's up to 8.7" x 15" (22.5cm x 38cm). Keep in mind that even larger boards can easily sit right on top of the table top frame, so you are not limited to just 8.7" x 15" PCB. The ABC-TQ has four tracks, with two adjustable center tracks.

New! Introducing the ABC-XYZ:

ABC-XYZ With all the features of our world-famous board fixtures, the ABC-XYZ also holdd PCB's clear up to 1/4" (6.3mm) thick and up to 13.5" x 20" (34cm x 51cm) within the movable tracks and features multiple "gripping clamps" for odd-shaped PCB's. The ABC-XYZ also features 4 spring-loaded Z Axis posts to correct for height changes above pre-heaters when pre-loaded PCB fixtures or metal non-flex plates (primarily for video game console repair).
Mil-Spec Compliant & Approved for Space Applications!

All ABC's Tracks Accommodate PCB From 1/32" (2.4mm) to 1/8" (3.2mm) Thick.  The ABC-XYZ Accommodates PCB's Up to 1/4" (6mm) Thick.

The ABC-1 Series
Holds Boards Up to:
10" x 20" Within* the Tracks

(Larger PCB's Rest On Flat Top)

The ABC-2 Series
Holds Boards Up to:
20" x 20" Within* the Tracks

(Larger PCB's Can On Flat Top)

 The ABC-T Series
 Holds Boards Up to:
8.5" x 13" Within*
the Tracks
(Larger PCB's Rest On Flat Top)

The ABC-XYZ Series
 Holds Boards Up to:
13.5" x 20" Within*
the Tracks
(Larger PCB's Rest On Flat Top)

Height: 5" (13cm)

Height: 5" (13cm)

Height: 5" (13cm)

Height: 5" (13cm)

Width: 18" (46cm)

Width: 18" (46cm)

Width: 18" (46cm)

Width: 19" (48cm)

Depth: 12 1/2" (32cm)

Depth: 22 1/2" (50cm)

Depth: 11" (28cm)

Depth: 14.8" (38cm)

Weight: 2 lbs (0.8 kg.)

Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg.)

Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.6 kg.)

Weight: 2 lbs (0.8 kg.)

Z Axis Adjust: Z Post Option

Z Axis Adjust: Z Post Option

Z Adjust: Z Post Option

Z Adjust: Spring Loaded & Z Post Option

Build: Durable Aluminum

Build: Durable Aluminum

Build: Durable Aluminum

Build: Durable Aluminum

Other: ESD Safe Other: ESD Safe Other: ESD Safe Other: ESD Safe

3 Tracks  Model ABC-1
4 Tracks  Model ABC-1Q

3 Tracks  Model ABC-2
4 Tracks  Model ABC-2Q

3 Tracks  Model ABC-TT
4 Tracks  Model ABC-TQ






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PCB Fixture 3-Track




3-RAIL (20” X 18” MAX)



3-RAIL (8.5” X 13” MAX)



PCB Fixture 4-Track




QUATRO™ (20” X 18” MAX)



QUATRO™ (8.5” X 13” MAX)



PCB Fixture 3-Track

Deluxe PCB Holding Fixture With Spring-Loaded Z Axis
Ideal for Use With Anti-Flex Plates & For High Volume Rework
Such as XBox® 360 & PlayStation® Repair



Description Model Price Buy Now

ABC-LG Additional/Replacement Standard Posts (Set of 4)
4-Post &  8-Post Positioning:
(8 Posts permit your ABC to be "flipped" upside down for either inspection or in de-soldering thru-hole chips and connectors.)
The ABC-LG's are 5"/125mm Lg. With Brass Knurled Locking Nut With Non-Skid Feet



Mini-Posts (Set of 2)
2-Post Inclined Positioning:
(2 Mini-Posts are used along with two of the standard posts transforming the ABC into an assembly "slide along" fixture for multiple PCB stuffing or inspecting.)
The ABC-LG's are 5"/125mm Lg. With Brass Knurled Locking Nut With Non-Skid Feet



“Z” Height Adjustment Posts (Set of 4)
The "Z" Posts Level Your PCB's on Non-Level Bench Tops
.5" / 140mm Long Each With Two Locking Nuts



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